At Haron Land Rover in Fresno, CA, we’ve been on a lot of test drives. After all that, we’ve learned how buyers from Clovis and Barstow, CA can get the most from that experience so you can make the right vehicle choice.

#1: Make a list of what matters most

When you test drive a new Land Rover or any other vehicle, you don’t have to just “see how it drives.” Write down your priorities, like performance, comfort, ease-of-use, then note those areas as you drive.

#2: Have a friend join you

A second opinion is always helpful, especially when it’s someone you respect. He or she can point out things you might miss, remind you of things you wanted to check and help you replay the experience later.

#3: Map out your route in advance

Buyers often just take off from the dealership and travel whatever roads they run into. Find ways to test a variety of road surfaces. Find a nearby road where you can drive at higher speeds to test acceleration.

#4: Do an inspection at zero miles per hour

Check the car’s details while it’s not moving. How’s the cargo space? How comfortable are the back seats? How visible is the touchscreen? How user-friendly are the controls?

#5: Drive the way you always do

Follow a driving style that comes close to the way you drive near your home in Madera or Modesto, CA. Check how easy the vehicle is to steer and handle. How well does it back up? How simple is a U-turn?

#6: See how easy it is to park

You pull into a parking spot or do parallel parking more often than you might realize. Make sure this vehicle allows you to do that safely and easily.

#7: Ask questions

Please don’t hesitate to ask us anything you want about the Land Rover or other vehicle you’re testing. We want you to love this vehicle for years to come so ask us anything you want at Haron Land Rover in Fresno, CA.