One of the key pillars for overall vehicle health is the repair and maintenance service. Much like going to the doctor, having your vehicle serviced ensures your stay on the road for many miles to come.

We at Heron Land Rover house a dedicated team of certified service professionals that give your prized Land Rover vehicle on the road for many miles to come. Below, we want to share the top six reasons why you should service your Land Rover vehicle. If you have any questions or would like to go ahead and schedule an appointment, feel free to contact our Madera area location.

Keeps Your Engine Healthy

With a regular oil service, you have confidence knowing your engine remains healthy and ready for the daily drive. Changing the oil keeps the engine lubricated, while replacing the oil filter keeps dirt and particulates out of your oil.

It Keeps You Safe

During a routine service, your vehicle is given a thorough check of its systems to identify any potential issues and problems that may affect your vehicle. Major parts, including your brakes and suspension, are checked.

Tire Health

Amongst the parts on the vehicle, your tires are among the most important. When your vehicle is in for service near Fresno, your tires are checked for wear and tear. If a problem is found, your worn tire or tires can be replaced, giving you peace of mind.

Maintains Warranty

If your new Land Rover vehicle is currently under warranty, it must be serviced at certain intervals. The warranty helps protect you if there is a repair complication.

Saves You Money in the Long Run

Along with maintaining its warranty, getting regular service will save you cash in the long run. Servicing vital components helps prevent bigger problems from showing up on your vehicle.

Protects the Car’s Value

One key reason why you should service your vehicle in the Modesto area lies in its value. Every service your vehicle receives gets put into the vehicle history report. So, when you sell the vehicle, its full service adds to its overall value.

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